Site Planning Standards

  • Preserve semi-rural character and modify existing gateway overlay district to include appropriate regulatory techniques to preserve existing semi-rural character, preserve environmentally sensitive areas, promote conservation areas and office/institution campus development.
  • Provide landscape buffer between residential and commercial areas.
  • On-street parking and pedestrian crossings should be used extensively in the office/institution area to enhance the streetscape and delineate an edge between sidewalks and the street.
  • Develop appropriate signage and wayfinding elements to direct both automobile and pedestrian traffic.
  • Encourage the use of bonus system for development incentive such as in development density, provision of open space, shared parking.
  • Promote sustainable storm water management practices such as bioswales, rain gardens, porous pavements & native plants.
  • Lighting and landscaping should allow for surveillance and policing activities, but should be designed primarily to accommodate the intended use of the public space.
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Building Character

  • Energy efficiency should also be considered when locating and orienting buildings on a site.
  • Promote energy conservation techniques with proper use of high quality building and architectural materials, color, doors, and windows and proper utilization of building mass to create shade.
  • Promote breaking up surface planes of the building to create depth and remove the monotony of unvarying surface facades.
  • Promote hierarchy of heights of buildings on primary streets to secondary streets.
  • Pedestrian-scale features should be incorporated on the first floor of buildings and at entrances to help relate buildings to the streetscape. These features include entrance canopies, landscaping, lighting and signs.
  • Provide main entrances along the primary street to create a pedestrian-friendly presence.
  • Promote the use of sustainable design and construction practices both in construction phase and throughout the life of a building.


  • Promote tree-lined secondary/internal street network.
  • Provide alternative connections between neighborhoods to green spaces, parks, and commercial areas through walking / biking trails and sidewalks.
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