Our Mission

Our mission is to create a diverse economic ecosystem where research, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurialism collaborate; where innovative developments in the fields of advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, life science and space development are fostered through a concentrated effort.

Novaparke is where innovation begins.


Our Tenants

Redwire Becomes Anchor Tenant for Novaparke

The global space infrastructure leader will build a state-of-the-art microgravity payload development and space operations facility at Novaparke.

Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW), a leader in space infrastructure for the next generation space economy, plans to open a new state-of-the-art microgravity payload development facility with a mission operations center at Novaparke, as the company looks to increase production of critical technologies enabling human spaceflight missions and commercial microgravity research and development in low Earth orbit (LEO).

The new 30,000 sq. ft, facility will support increased demand from commercial companies and academic researchers focused on improving pharmaceutical drug development, optimizing disease treatments, and enabling technologies essential for sustainable human spaceflight in LEO and beyond. Construction is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Redwire is a global leader in mission critical space solutions and high reliability components for the next generation space economy, with valuable intellectual property for solar power generation, in-space 3D printing and manufacturing, avionics, critical components, sensors, digital engineering and space-based biotechnology. The company combines decades of flight heritage with an agile and innovative culture. Their “Heritage plus Innovation” strategy enables them to combine proven performance with new, innovative capabilities to provide their customers with the building blocks for the present and future of space infrastructure.

“We are building capacity as we pioneer consequential in-space manufacturing and microgravity research capabilities, such as bioprinting, in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), with life-saving benefits on and off our home planet,” said John Vellinger, Redwire Executive Vice President. “As we leverage strategic investments to scale in-space manufacturing in LEO, it will directly impact the sustainability of future human spaceflight and deliver optimized products for Earth-based industries. The new facility will help accelerate the development of our growing portfolio of new microgravity research technologies, such as biomedical research payloads, as we continue to serve our research and deep space exploration customers.”

“Redwire’s continued investment in Indiana is a testament to our shared commitment to building a robust economy of the future,” said David Watkins, senior vice president of small business and entrepreneurship at the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC). “These new high-wage, high-skill careers will provide greater opportunities for residents of Floyd County and help further position Indiana as a leader in innovation.”

“Redwire is exactly the kind of world-class, innovative company we had in mind when the vision for Novaparke was first conceived,” said Bob Woosley, President of the Floyd County Redevelopment Commission. “We look forward to seeing what new breakthrough technologies will be developed here for the benefit of all and are excited for the outstanding career opportunities this presents for the next generation of scientists, engineers and professionals here in Floyd County.”